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MOBIPAL/MOBIKANT FORTH-BACK mobile racking systems extend the range of pallet or cantilever racking. In some applications, with shorter mobile racks, it may be operationally more advantageous to use mobile racks that move backwards instead of left and right. Depending on the configuration chosen, pallet units, bundles of metallurgical material, profiles or plate material can be stored.

Chassis with double-sided or single-sided racks stand tightly side by side in the parking position. As required, a chassis is sent to the working position and moves out of the row into the corridor in front of the other racks. In this working position, the material is stacked or unstacked from the rack, and when the handling is complete, the rack is again sent back into the row of other parked racks. The equipment can be controlled either by buttons on the racks, by remote control or by remote control via a computer with a warehouse management program.


  • Easy access and control of the machine
  • This equipment is not recommended for additional racks up to 12,000 mm (ideal length up to 6,500 mm), because the working space in front of the block of parked racks must be considerably large and be empty at all times.
  • It is advisable to place 2 blocks of these mobile racks opposite each other and use one common working corridor