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Vertical Back Stops

Vertical Back Stops

This unit is a “visual” pallet stop.

Note: It is not a pallet positioning device!

It is designed for racks, where the standard pallet overhang is 50 mm front and rear. The profile is fixed 50 mm behind the rear side of the pallet. Load overhang on the pallet is not permitted as the profile is positioned vertically.

The profile is designed to accept damage without affecting the main supporting structure. 

All damaged parts units must be immediately replaced!

In double entry racks the minimum length of the frame spacer is 230 mm. This pallet back-stop is suitable for BX-beams with a depth of 40 mm or 50 mm.

The pallet stop clamp has 2 sets of drilled holes, one suitable for 40 mm wide beams, and the other for 50 mm wide beams.