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Push-back Rollers – a dynamic storage solution based on the CR18 Pallet Racking System and including wheel/roller conveyors. Ideal if you're storing bulk goods on pallets according to the Last-in, First-out (LIFO) principle.

Once a pallet is picked from the pick-face, the rest roll forward automatically under a controlled speed. Up to 9 pallets can be stacked in this way.

Push-back Rollers can also be used to provide additional storage space in otherwise unusable areas, such as above cross-aisles or around dock-levellers.

Our Push-back Rollers offer the following features and benefits as standard:

  • Up to 75% increase in storage capacity compared to conventional storage
  • Operations reduced to a minimum
  • Quick and easy access to all channels
  • Maximise floor space
  • Ideal for bulk storage and cold store
  • Accessible by LIFO principle
  • Very high occupancy rates compared to Drive-in Racking or Block-stacking.

Standard Dimensions:

  • Channel Depth: Up to 9 Pallets (subject to maximum load on pallet)
  • System Height: Up to 13,500mm